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Everything you need to know aboutRN Exam

Everything you need to know about RN Exam

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Before you can work as a registered nurse, you will need to pass the RN exam or the NCLEX-RN. You can inquire at the National Council Licensure Examination for additional information on how to take the exam and the requirements. The examination is vital to ensure that the professional practice standards are the same in various jurisdictions. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has developed the NCLEX exam.

RN Exam Categories

The exam is usually divided into two categories – the Clients Needs and the subcategories. For the Clients Needs category, the essential subjects are covered such as the nursing process, communication, caring, documentation, learning, and teaching. The subcategories include the following:

  • Safe and effective care environment
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Psychosocial integrity
  • Physiological Integrity
  • Pharmacological and parenteral therapies
  • Reduction of risk potential
  • Physiological adaptation

When you take the exam, there are no specific questions for each of the examinees. This is because the NCLEX-RN makes use of Computer Adaptive Testing. This is an interactive process. Your answers to the initial questions will be the basis for the successive questions. The computer will process all your answers until the end of the exam. Once you finish the exam, the computer will know if you passed or failed.


The NCLEX-RN exam will usually take about six hours and will contain 75 to 265 questions. The exam will include multiple choices, fill in the blanks, and graphic/picture based questions. Some questions will also require you to provide several answers. When you read the questions, you may need to read or interpret pictures, tables, and charts. In some states, the unofficial scores may be released after two days from the date of the exam but you should wait for the official results. This will be delivered to you by the state’s licensing agency.

The RN exam is administered by Pearson Professional Centers in the US and if you are planning to take the exam, you need to check with the NCBSN site.

It pays to study hard so that you can pass the examination. There are theories and practical applications that you will learn throughout the course or training. You need to take things seriously so that you can pass the RN exams.

Make sure that you are prepared when taking the exam. Arrive early at the testing center so that you have ample time to prepare yourself. The results of the exam will shape your future.

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