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RN Exam Requirements

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The only way to work as a licensed registered nurse is by passing the NCLEX-RN. However, before you can be allowed to sit for the examination, you will need to meet certain requirements. To become a registered nurse, you may need to finish an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. Since the requirements can vary from one state to another, you can consult with the board of nursing in your area.

RN Exam Requirements – What Are They?

Applicants are required to pay for the appropriate fees, complete the ‘application for licensure by examination’. You also need to pay for the non refundable fee for your fingerprints. You can complete this requirement through the Hard Card (Applicant Fingerprint Card) or the Live Scan Process.

When submitting these documents, you will also need to provide a recent passport type 2x2 photo, and completed transcript forms and certified transcripts from the nursing school. There are also times when the applicant is requested to provide the request for accommodation of disabilities form and other letters/documents that explain disciplinary actions or prior convictions.

If you’re an international applicant, you will need to send the breakdown of your educational program together with the request for transcript. Just in case the transcript is not English, you will need to get a certified translator so that the form can be translated in English. You should also submit the copy of your license and diploma from the country where you’ve finished the course or degree. If you don’t have a license, you will need to submit an explanation in written format. If you have certificates for psychiatric nursing or midwifery, you can include copies of these certificates as well.

These are the requirements for you to take the RN exam. If you are not able to meet with these requirements, you will not be allowed to sit in the examinations. As mentioned earlier, you are required to pay for the application and exam fees. The fees may vary slightly from one state to another but you can consul the board of nursing about this.

Before you submit your application, you need to double check that you already have all the papers and documents. Never submit an incomplete application because you will simply waste time, effort, and money! Keep in mind that the fees are non-refundable. If you need to retake the exams, you will have to pay for the application fees once more. Study hard and make sure that you pass the exams.

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